Herbal Aloe line has been developed for the care of the body. From the hair to the body in the shower, the benefits of Aloe Vera are made visible with a product line for truly exceptional daily hygiene.

Herbal Aloe, healthy body care

Some products, such as Shampoo and Strengthening Conditioner have been shown in several studies that hair breakage is reduced by up to 90 percent, and this is 10 times stronger than with other treatments. In addition, there are shampoos and hair creams that are very aggressive and damage the cuticle. Herbal Aloe products not only do not hurt, but contribute to repair, resulting in a healthier, shiny and thick hair.

With the Bath & Body Bar you can offer your guests all the benefits of Herbal Aloe line simply with a hand wash. Immediately you'll notice how this is not an ordinary soap as it leaves your hands much softer and pleasant to touch. The same applies to shower gels, which help the body cleanse and regenerate in an amazing way.

Finally, the Herbal Aloe Hand Body Lotion helps you keep that feeling of fresh out of the shower longer as the product leaves the skin well hydrated. A feeling that goes beyond physical appearance and even influences our mood.

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